Knowing When It Is Time For A Windshield Replacement

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Knowing When It Is Time For A Windshield Replacement

The windshield used upon your vehicle provides you with a protective barrier against projectiles and excessive wind. If it shatters or cracks, repair work or replacement becomes a priority. Here are signs indicating that a replacement of the entire sheet of glass is preferable over attempting a repair job.

Determine The Size Of The Crack Or Chip

Smaller chips and cracks are repairable by a professional windshield service. There are stipulations, however, regarding the size of the flaw to determine whether it is feasible to repair the damage or go ahead with a full replacement. Cracks longer than 14" and chips bigger than 3" in diameter pose risks to drivers and riders. The size of the flaw makes it easier for the windshield to continue to weaken. If you have a larger flaw in your windshield, a replacement of the pane of glass is recommended to meet safety standards.

Know That The Area Affected Makes A Difference

If you have a small crack or chip in your windshield in an area out of your main focal point, it may be able to be repaired as a temporary fix. Whenever flaws are right in front of your face, however, it is a better idea to consider having the glass replaced altogether. Even small cracks or chips pose risks to your overall viewing area, making it more likely you will not see all that is in front of you when you are moving. If your windshield becomes flawed in a spot where a sensor is present, such as your driver-assist sensor, replacement glass is necessary to ensure it works properly.

Keep The Age Of The Glass In Mind

If you have an older vehicle and you know that it has never had a windshield replacement in the past or if it has been several years since a replacement was conducted, and the glass becomes marred, the installation of a new pane may be beneficial. Take a look at the condition of the entire glass surface for scratches and scuff marks. These become present over time and could reduce the overall clearness of the glass as you drive. In addition to obtaining a safe surface for your everyday driving needs, a new pane of glass instantly boosts the appearance of the vehicle, as well as enhancing its value should you decide to sell it to someone else in the future.

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